Our green roof birdhouse is handcrafted with reclaimed wood and embellished with vintage hardware. The green roof has a beautiful arrangement of drought tolerant succulents.  Each birdhouse is made with love by Jacquie & Mandy.  We offer local delivery within Orange County, CA.  You can add a personal message on the checkout page.  Please allow 4-5 business days as we build to order.

"The Birdhouse" (Large)

  • We stand behind our products and services and want you to be satisfied with them. We'll always do our best to take care of customers—our philosophy is to deal with you fairly and reasonably; we hope you will be fair and reasonable with us as well.  If your package arrived damaged we will provide you with a full refund or replace your damaged item. 

  • Succulents like partial sun or filtered sun.  They would like to be misted twice a week until your plants have matured and then you can cut back to misting or watering once a week